Our Recycle Program

Just beside our school we have created a space for our recycle program.  We are able to accept paper, cardboard, aluminum and other metals, plastics (only plastics with a recycle symbol on them) and glass for recycle.

Recycle Bins
Recycle Bins

As part of our recycle program, we have begun to educate the students in each of our four English classes on the importance of taking care of our environment.  This starts with reducing what we consume, reusing products where we can, and finally recycling.

We have even created an area where we can start to compost our food waste.  This compost will be used in our organic farm, another upcoming project!

Composting Center
Composting Center

As awareness grows, we hope that our students share their knowledge with others in the community so that we can all begin to treat our environment responsibly.  We aim to become the premier recycling center in Bajo and even have plans for community clean-up programs where we will take trips to various parts of our town to pick up trash and reuse or recycle what we can.

Camvas Recycle Bags
Camvas Recycle Bags
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**All content on this page provided by a Volunteer**



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