Basic Class

Basic class consists of an average 11-15 students in a class. In this class we focused on Basic grammar explanation and then do the exercises, thinking all the time about the rules in the grammar explanation. Because learning grammar is only one part of learning a language. And we always try to give Learning examples that will help our students  when they speak or write in English. We always include a variety of games that incorporate our main lesson of the day. Games are designed to help with their witing and also help them learn common phrases in English.

Examples of topics:

  • Verb to be ( am / is / are ).
  • To do, does, did
  • To have, has, had
  • Question Words
  • Irregular Verbs
  • Basic Tenses
  • Environment discussion about recycling (students who bring in a bag of recyclable products recieve a small ‘Thank You’ gift!)

**Content on this page provided by Faisal**


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