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An extraordinary experience awaits you in Bajo on the South Sulawesi island of Indonesia.  If teaching English is your love in life, you simply can’t miss the opportunity to volunteer at the Our Chance School in Bajo.

Our Chance was founded by a unique and young spirit (literally only 18 years of age) named Faisal.  Faisal has a passion for the English language like none other I’ve met before!  His dream is to teach English to the youth of his tiny town and surrounding villages so that they may be given the chance for a better future.  Our Chance opened only a few months ago, but I have no doubt that it will quickly gain popularity among the traveling volunteer culture!

You may arrive simply as a volunteer, but you will leave as a part of a family.  A family of some of the most caring, loving and giving people you may ever encounter!  Their lives are humble and simple, but their hearts are infinitely deep!  As part of the family, you will learn about their culture and all their traditional foods.  You will meet their friends and share in a variety of local or traditional activities on any given day.

All they ask in return is to help teach English.  Two classes are taught daily, six days a week.  The lessons are designed by volunteers, with topic assistance from Faisal.  For the classes that contain students who are not yet conversational in English, you will be assisted by an advanced English student to help translate information or by Faisal himself, who is an absolute marvel to watch when he teaches!

I have no doubt the future is bright for Faisal, and thanks to his school, he is ensuring the futures of countless others to be bright and full as well.  It was an absolute privilege and honor to be a part of the Our Chance school, even if only for a month.  And of course, I recommend volunteering there to all those in search of one of the most unique and rewarding experiences of a lifetime!


More experience from Sandy!


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