Volunteer From Spain

Faisal and his friends are the bomb. I’m really inspired by the work that they are doing in this calm little village in the heart of Nowhere, Sulawesi.

Faisal’s English is dramatically good, and it’s telling that he got most of it in an autodidactic manner.

The organisation of the classes and opportunities to make a difference are excellent as well. There are (at the moment of this writing) five groups of enthusiastic students from elementary to end of high school, and you can choose between preparing classes on your own or getting help from Faisal and other volunteers.

Everyone made me feel so welcomed since the first moment it’s hard to express. Mama’s shambal sauce will become a tradition in my own household haha. This experience will improve your life. Go on and do it smile emoticon

Thank you very very much and see you in the future, my Indonesian family of many!

Xanto, Spanish volunteer. November 2015.


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