Kids Sort Plastics to be Recycled

We removed some of the rubbish that can be recycled and which can not be recycled, our students are very happy to try, learn and separating garbage.
why should be separated?

ourchance kids

Reducing of wasting our landfill
As we know, all garbage which have this level of degradations are different. After being dumped, the garbage will automatically be degraded. Non-organic things such as metals, plastics, aluminum and other metals need hundred of year to decompose, it’s difference with organic things such as leaves, paper,cardboard . So, if the garbage is going in to the landfill, then organic garbage will decompose, while non-organic will remain in its form for hundred years.

separating the trash

Reducing environmental pollution

Trash we throw often contain toxic materials, such as bottles of insect repellent, batteries, medicines, etc. If the garbage can be separated and handled specially, it can avoid the possibility of our environment polluted by toxic materials.

separating the trash

The economic value

There are several trash that still have economic value. Instead of throwing this trash away,  we are recommended to do the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). The problem is 3R process could we do when the trash is still in good condition. But when it’s already mixed with other perishable trash and it’s wet, they’re more difficult to reuse.

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