Volunteer from Catalonia!

 imageOurchance is an incredible spot of hope and opportunity run by Faisal, a young spirited person that wants to share English and environmentalism with his community and the boarder world!

That involves having us volunteers to share ideas, thoughts, and feedback about teaching, about the environment and the world.image

The project is mature now with a stable amount of pupils attending class and lesson planning and schedules. However Faisal also allows to engage deeply in the running of the class, with advises and new ideas encouraged 🙂

The philosophy of sharing knowledge and protection environment without a monetary return is engaging! Many of the students share the interest in protecting the ecology, which unfortunately is not common at all in Indonesia.

imageHaving a continued flow of volunteers would be perfect to have the project in wheels and involve more and more the local community, that’s maybe the only thing i missed of my (short 5 days) stay, more reaching to the local networks. So if you have the opportunity go and visit and engage! 😀 On the personal level the stay with the Family and friends was feeling welcomed and accepted all the time I was there. Just like forming part of the family since the 1st day.


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