Volunteers from Chile!

When we left Chile more than a year ago we started thinking about working with children in a volunteer program. At first, the idea of teaching a language different from our mother tongue seemed scary and too hard, but the communication with Faisal was reassuring. That´s why we decided Our Chance was the place to go. When we finally got there, from the first moment the kids made everything easy with their eyes wide open and their eagerness to learn. That kind of enthusiasm gives you the energy to come up with new ideas and teaching tools.Matias and denisse

Besides that, the experience was more than working and it wasn’t always easy. We had to adapt to the Muslim culture during Ramadan, something far from Latin-American everyday life. Dress codes change, food changes and you miss some aspects of the “western comfort”. However, Faisal and his family did everything to make us feel welcome and comfortable.

MatiasSumming up, in Our Chance we learnt that you can (and you should) always try new things and challenge yourself, despite what you think you know despite or your age (we are the oldest volunteers Faisal has received). This kind of initiative is a key opportunity for kids who want to know the world and need to experience different realities. We look forward to receiving them at home when they make it to the other side of the world.

We are grateful to Faisal for the chance and his trust. We are grateful to his family (especially his mum) for making us feel at home. And last but not least, we are grateful to the students for their effort, love and joy. THANK YOU.


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