A volunteer from France!

Faisal and his family took really good care of me.image
I only have spent 18 days there but this experience was so intense and wonderful that I feel like I was there for a month. Faisal and his family are very lovely. I really appreciated working with Faisal. He is an amazing guy, very generous, honest, careful. I believe in him and his wonderful project. Faisal is only 19 years old but he is already giving so much to the kids and the volunteers. Teaching is for him a real passion and we can feel it ! That’s a real pleasure teaching with him.
I highly recommend you to come to Belopa to help Faisal for making this project possible. You won’t regret it ! For sure ! You will meet wonderful people, and will spend an amazing time there.

Thank you again Faisal. I will never forget you. I already miss you. I am sure we will meet us again soon.

Take care


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