About Me


I am Faisal from Bajo in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.  I am a University student who loves the English language and have a passion for sharing my love of English to others.  It was my passion for teaching that led me to open up my own English class at my home in Bajo.  In September, 2015, ‘Our Chance’ school for teaching English officially opened and we already have over 4 classes with an average of 13 students per class.  So far, students ages range from 7 to 19, but hope to expand that to all ages.

My method is to make English fun to learn utilizing informal modes of teaching so the students can better understand and perhaps even enjoy the learning process.  I started the school so that I could share my knowledge of the English language so others may benefit from it and have better opportunities for their future in the job market.   My vision is to provide a fun and engaging place for people of all ages to come and learn English.

To assist in my vision, I invite volunteers from around the world to help, not only with teaching English, but so they can also bring their knowledge and experience to our local people.

In addition to the English classes ‘Our Chance’ offers, an environmental program has recently begun.  This program includes educating people about reducing, reusing, recycling and composting.  Recently we have launched the first recycling center in Bajo at our school as well as a composting center which will be used in our organic farm.

Of course, as a native of Indonesia, I am also passionate about our local foods.  Part of the benefit for my volunteers includes learning the basics of our vast and delicious foods.

I hope you enjoy our blog and sharing in our adventure as we grow!


To learn more about Our Chance, visit About Us or go back to the HomePage

**All content on this page provided by Faisal and written with the help of a volunteer**


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