Our Environmental Program

I believe it is important to do what we can to improve our environment.  While parts of Indonesia have very strong environmental programs, here in Bajo in South Sulawesi Indonesia, we are just getting started.

Our first step to achieving our environmental goals, with the help of volunteers, has been to educate our students about reducing, reusing and recycling.  In addition we have even created our own recycle center here at the school, which is the first in Bajo!  Our new recycling center also includes a composting area that will be used to further enrich the soil of our upcoming organic farm.

Looking to the future, our hope is to become the premier recycling center in Bajo.  In addition, we hope to begin community programs where our students will organize trips around our town to clean up the streets and parks, recycling trash found on our land.

Check out our activities so far by clicking a link below.  We also welcome any suggestions on how to improve our program!

Kids Sort Plastics to be Recycled

Our Recycle Program

Belopa Recycle Center Trip

**All content on this page provided by Faisal and written with the help of a volunteer**