Elementary Class

Elementary level class consists of an average of 13 students per class, with students ranging from 7-13 years of age.  We do not believe in purely lecturing during classes, but rather want each student to feel that learning English can be fun!  To achieve this, we always include a variety of games or songs that…

Current Class Schedule

MONDAYS: 3-4pm: Elementary Class 4-5pm: Intermediate Class 5-6pm: Basic Class Tuesdays: 3-4pm: Basic Class 4-6: Advanced Class Wednesdays: 3-4pm: Elementary Class 4-6: Advanced Class Thursdays: 3-4pm: Elementary Class 4-5pm: Intermediate Class 5-4pm: Basic Class Fridays: 3-4pm:Intermediate Class 4-6pm: Advanced Class

Volunteers from the UK

If you wish to have an experience that you will never forget, filled with culture, laughter, love and learning then you will definitely enjoy your time here in Belopa. You will be greeted with open arms and made to feel so welcome, and immediately like one of the family. You won’t just be coming here…

Our Recycle Program

Just beside our school we have created a space for our recycle program.  We are able to accept paper, cardboard, aluminum and other metals, plastics (only plastics with a recycle symbol on them) and glass for recycle. As part of our recycle program, we have begun to educate the students in each of our four…

About Us

Our Chance is a Non Government Organization who works for the local people especially in Bajo, South of Sulawesi Indonesia who wish to know English, Farming and also Tourism food. This organization was built on September 2015. And now it has 4 classes and each classes there are 13-15 students. We’re not doing promotion to people….