Volunteers From Spain

Our experience with this project is unforgettable! We really enjoyed and learned with Faisal, his family and his friends.Every single moment was nice and we only have nice remembers as well.
The house was big.In front of it,outside,was a big place plenty of plants and a small vegetable garden.Inside was very clean and our room was very confortable. The food was delicious and we felt free to cook what and when we wanted.For doing the shopping of the food, sometimes Faisal or his nice cousin Ipan, helped us to comunicate with local people and find the best products with the best price.
The family was always so lovely and kind.They were taking care of us every single moment and we learnt and share a lot with all of them.Now we fell that we have a family in Bajo! (Thanks for everything all of you!)
The project and the place for doing it is well organized.The cottage is perfect for the small groups that they have and the schedule gives the opportunity to organise your free time.
Faisal and his assistants Mita and Ha diary are young such kind of professionals! They are very motivated and open minded for learning new tools,knowledge, methods and dynamics for groups.They help in everything to organise the activities but giving you the freedom to choose and propose as you want!
The groups of students are not big, so that is good for doing a lot of games and activities giving them the chance to participate and practice their skills at the same time you can follow their improvement!
Appart of all the time that we spent with the project, we did a lot of different activities in our free time always with Faisal and some of his friends like Izwan and Ucock. We did camping, we visit some waterfalls, we visit the jungle, we played many different games,we watched movies, we cooked and shared some recipes (bepa kaluku,um mm mm 😉 )and we went to one day party of a wedding!
We learned and shared a lot and we keep really nice memories of this place and these unforgettable people!was really hard to said goodbye but we really hope we meet them again.


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