Advanced Class


Advanced Class consists of an average 5-10 students in a class. In this class students are focusing their attention on studying about Speaking, Comprehension, Expressions, and Tips in The English Language. Students also do some debating and discussion about Environment. This class is one the favorite classes, because most students are able and energetic to speak English.


But students who want to come in to this class is quite hard, because they have to pass the test beforehand. We always include a variety of games that incorporate our main lesson of the day. Games are designed to help with their witing, speaking, comprehension and also help them learn common phrases in English. Our best offering for this class is students have more time to study and also it’s  FREE.

Examples of topics:

  • How to understand native speakers.
  • Talking about Directions.
  • Comparison Degree.
  • Question Tag
  • Conditional Sentences.
  • Writing Story.
  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Debating and Discussion.
  • When to use Commas.
  • Environment discussion about recycling (students who bring in a bag of recyclable products recieve a small ‘Thank You’ gift!)

**Content on this page provided by Faisal**




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