Volunteer from Canada!

My stay at Faisal’s wBrandonas an incredible experience. I stayed with him and his family for 2 weeks, and it definitely wasn’t long enough! Helping teach the students English was very satisfying, as they were all very eager to learn. The class was informal, giving us more room with the lesson structure to teach the students what we felt they should learn. The other volunteers, Faisal, and I worked off of each other for what to put in each lesson, how we saw it going, and also discussing how ridiculous English is (I figured the students learned more English while we learned less)! Faisal has a natural teaching ability, you can tell straightaway while he’s teaching that he’s really trying to make sure each student ‘gets it’, and there’s no doubt that a career in education is set for him!Brandon 2

This WorkAway is way more than the teaching, Faisal brought us on a beautiful hike in Belopa, as well as a rambutan plantation, climbing waterfalls, and we even competed in a local Futsal & 3v3 Basketball tournament (or, tried). His friends soon became our friends, and the people of Bajo/Belopa are generally very interested in foreigners and where they come from. I’m happy to now have a family in Bajo, if you want an off-the-beaten-path experience on Sulawesi, I definitely recommend looking into this one! Thanks again for having me Faisal and family!


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