Volunteer from The Philippines!

CherryMy less than 2 weeks stay with Faisal was awesome, I got a whole new different experience. A simple English school with wonderful students on it, I reckoned Faisal was doing a fantastic job running this place, not to mention he’s a great teacher.

His family was very kind and made me feel like I was one of them. His mum was sweet and affectionate. Got to try authentic, home cooked local cuisine, courtesy of Mama and Faisal (I think this was the best part of my stay). I should add that he’s also a good cook! I made a lot of new friends who showed me an Indonesian way of life. Cheers to everyone I have met during my stay and hopefully, someday we’ll meet again. Goodluck to all your endeavours and if you decided to study abroad, come here to Melbourne!!


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