About Us

Our Chance is a Non Government Organization who works for the local people especially in Bajo, South of Sulawesi Indonesia who wish to know English, Farming and also Tourism food. This organization was built on September 2015. And now it has 4 classes and each classes there are 13-15 students. We’re not doing promotion to people. Because we believe if we have something people will come by themselves.

The Cottage
The Cottage

Here, we just have a really simple English class for our students. And It was built from the woods and bamboos. Because we don’t need a beutiful building for studying even though it’s just a simple place but useful and fun, it will be much better than studying in the building and we’re not refreshing to learn English.

Teaching Class
Teaching Class

Our goal here is sharing to people about English, Farming and tourism food as well. Because nowdays in Indonesia people are lack of knowledge about English, organic farming, and traditional food. Most of them still thinking that English, organic farm and traditional food are not important.

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